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Blackberry Setup on KLZ Kent Schools
Posted by Lewis Purver, Last modified by Lewis Purver on 21 March 2017 11:39 AM


How to setup BlackBerry for Exchange by Kent Schools


1. On your Blackberry “Setup Email “ a selection within the main menu

2. Create a New account or log into your existing account.

3. Select Add existing email account.

4. Enter your email address in full i.e.

5. Enter your password.

When first putting the information in, it will fail, you have to goto "Advanced Options".

6. Enter your username. I.e. smithl03

7. Enter your mailbox name. I.e. smithl03

8. Enter the domain: klz

9. Enter the web address:

10. Select Next

11. It will now try to process your email information.

12. It should now successfully add your account to your phone and start to receive email within 20 minutes

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